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For questions or to order, please email catering@butlerspantry.com or call (859) 292-1699.
Menu items and prices subject to change.


Breakfast Options

Lunch & Dinner Options

Snack & Dessert Options


Cold Options

Our Cold Options are recommended for 8-10 people.


Smoothie & Smoothie Bowls

$45/half gallon ask for seasonal selections


Fruit Bowl: $40/half gallon


Cereal | $24/half gallon

includes locally sourced whole milk or dairy free option


Yogurt Bar | $45/half gallon

includes vanilla greek yogurt, granola, berries, honey & chia seeds


Energy Bites | $1.50/each -or- $15/dozen


Bagels | $2.50/each -or- $25/dozen

includes local, sliced bagels &assorted cream cheeses


Breakfast Pastries | $25

chef’s choice assorted pastries


Breakfast Sweetbreads & loaves | $20

chef’s choice breads & mini muffins



Coffee | $25/jug

includes cups, lids, stir straws, creamers, sugars


Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Lemonade | $25/jug

includes cups, lids, straws


Soda | $2/can

Coca-Cola products


Cold Brew | $40/half gallon

includes cups, lids, stir straws, creamers, sugars


Fresh Juices | $30/jug

includes cups, lids, straws Bottled Water | $2/bottle


Bottle Water | $2/bottle

Hot Options

Half pan/12-15 people | Full pan/25-30 people



$16/8” round
choose from meat, cheese or veggie


Breakfast Sandwiches:

$5 each
biscuit or english muffin upgrade to bagel or croissant | $1 each


Breakfast Burritos:

(gluten-free) | $5 each


Buttermilk Biscuits:

$3 each -or- $30/dozen
includes whipped butter & local jam/jelly -or- honey


Scrambled Eggs:

$12/half pan, $25/full pan* add shredded cheddar cheese | $5/10


Breakfast Meats:

sausage | $12/pound
bacon | $16/pound
turkey sausage | $14/pound
griddled ham | $12/pound


*Breakfast Hash:

$32/half pan, $64/full pan


*Breakfast Potatoes:

$18/half pan, $36/full pan



$24/half pan, $48/full pan
includes brown sugar & candied nuts


Minimum order of 20 people

Hot Options


Soups | $15/qt, $56/gallon

ask about our seasonal selections


Mediterranean Bar | $14/person

includes pita, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, shaved cucumbers, sliced red onion & tzatziki:

• choose (2) shawarma | grilled chicken, gyro meat, marinated-roasted veggies, marinated mushrooms, curried cauliflower & carrots
• choose (2) sides | hummus, babaganoush, curried lentils, Greek salad


Picnic Lunch | $15/person

includes buns & coleslaw

• choose (2) mains | shredded pork, sliced -or- chopped brisket, braised chicken, grilled vegetables
• choose (2) sides | deviled egg potato salad, cornbread, broccoli salad, macaroni salad


Southern Package | $18/person

• choose (2) mains | fried chicken, blackened pork loin, pot roast, boiled shrimp
• choose (2) sides | black-eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, cheese grits, potato salad


Nati Bar | $12/person

• includes cincinnati style chili & fixin’s, hot buns, spaghetti & Grippos bbq or Hen of the Woods chips
• choose (3) mains | hot dogs, mettwurst, bratwurst, goetta sliders, bbq pork


Italian Bar | $13/person

includes salad and garlic bread

• choose | baked ziti with alfredo -or- lasagna
• choose | meatballs, roasted chicken, or grilled vegetables


Mexican Bar | $14/person

includes chips & flour -or- corn tortillas, limes & salsa

• choose (2) | cumin chicken, carnitas, barbacoa, ground taco beef, grilled veggies
• choose (5) | shredded cheese, cotija, pico de gallo, corn salsa, black beans, sour cream, onions & cilantro, guacamole


Baked Potato Bar | $12/person

includes green salad

• choose (2) | bacon, grilled chicken, chili, ground beef, pot roast, bbq pork
• choose (5) | shredded cheddar, sour cream, green onions, avocado, grilled veggies, diced red onions, pickled jalapeno, black beans

Cold Options


Sandwich Platters | $8/person

choice of up to 3 sandwiches


Boxed Lunch | $13/person

includes pita, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, shaved cucumbers, sliced red onion & tzatziki:

• includes bag of chips, piece of whole fruit -or- cookie, bottle of water -or- can of soda choice of up to 3 sandwiches


Build Your Own Deli Platter | $11/person

includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, condiments, assorted chips

• choose | 2 breads, 2 proteins, 2 cheeses

*Updgrade to deluxe | $4/person

• choose 2 breads, 3 proteins, 3 cheeses & assorted cookies -or- whole fruit
Sandwich options:
bread | white, wheat, salted rye, sourdough, whole grain hoagie
proteins | cajun turkey, roast beef, chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, avocado mash, chicken breast, salami
cheese | cheddar, american, swiss, gouda, provolone


small $40 (10 people as a side, 5 as an entrée/person
large $70 (20 people as a side, 10 as an entrée/person

• greens | mixed baby greens, crisp romaine, baby spinach
• dressings | blue cheese, caesar, ranch, fat-free ranch, italian, sesame ginger, white balsamic vinaigrette
• Add protein | $4/person
grilled chicken, baked salmon, tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad, marinated chickpeas


Minimum order of 20 people



Sweet & Salty | $7/person


Chips & Dips | $5/person

assortment of local chips & dips


Fruit & Granola | $5/person

whole fruit & house granola


Crudite & Hummus | $6/person

fresh veggies, buttermilk dressing & hummus


Meat Board | $9/person

assortment of cured meats, pickles & condiments


Cookies & Milk | $5/person

fresh baked cookies and local milk or non-dairy option


Cheese & Crackers | $9/person

artisanal cheeses, assorted crackers, jams & candied nuts



Cookies | $20/dozen -or- $.50/each for minis

chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, double chocolate, peanut butter, sugar


Brownies | $35/dozen -or- $1/each for minis

classic, fudge, blondies


Bread Pudding | $36/half pan, $70/full pan

cinnamon & almond, chocolate chip, raisin & rum


Assorted Minis | $18/dozen

lemon bars, buckeyes, canolis, eclairs, chocolate-pecan tarts


Muffins | $27/dozen -or- minis $18/dozen

seasonal fruit, chocolate, banana, oreo


Cakes | Whole, $2.50/slice ($35/8” round); Cupcakes | $27/dozen; Minis, $18/dozen; Cake shooters | $18/dozen

chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel, red velvet, oreo, spice


Pies | $25 each; minis, $18/dozen

pecan & chocolate chess, seasonal fruit, coconut cream, chocolate cream, peanut butter


Cheesecake | $40 each; minis $18/dozen

traditional, peanut butter, chocolate, seasonal fruit